Do we need to live near each other?

My position is 100% virtual.  We don't need to live in the same city or state.  All of our communication is done via phone, text, and email.  


What are your hours?

I am available Monday-Friday from 9 am - 6 pm (full-time), CST, 6 pm - 7 pm (as needed), and Saturday from 10 am - 2 pm (as needed), CST. 


How many appointments can you get me a day?

I can't "get" you any appointments.  I work with your already established client base and help you to advertise and market yourself, and your brand to increase your engagements.  I do not keep a client database.  Each lady that I work for has their own client base that I keep completely and totally confidential.


Do you see an uptick in appointments once someone hires you?

Absolutely, I do!  Not because I hold some magical powers, but because I maintain the consistency in dealing with clients, but also take away so much of the work that you have to put into it, so you become much more productive.


Can I work any hours I want?

YES! You set up your own hours. I work for you

Can I take time off?

Of course, you can!  Some ladies prefer me to work while they are on vacation and some prefer for me to take off when they do.  If you need me to take off while you do, but want me to return when you do, there is a $150 Hold Fee per week.


What is your typical screening procedure?

I like to have a form that the client can fill out (this will usually be displayed on your website). I ask for the following:


  • Full Name

  • Email

  • City and State

  • Phone Number

  • Employer

  • Employer Number

  • Provider References (I need at least two)

  • Online board handles 

  • Professional Presence, such as LinkedIn


I will conduct a search to determine if they are currently on any blacklists. I discreetly contact their employer or their LinkedIn and check their provider references. I will also use any and all screening methods that you employ as well.  Whatever makes you most comfortable.


How many providers do you work for?

The number of ladies that I work for is very small. I like to take on a select few.


Will you answer as me?

No.  I do not answer as you.  It's best that I introduce myself and maintain a courteous and professional exchange with your clients.  


Do you answer phone calls or texts from clients?

Sorry.  No.  I correspond via email only.


What about regular clients?

Please feel free to speak with those clients.  They know you and they trust you.  


Can’t I just do it all by myself?

Yes, you can do this all by yourself but I guarantee that you will find a hard time trying to have a life outside of the business if you do. Providing is time-consuming. The endless emails, screening, booking, site maintenance can be very frustrating and takes a lot of time. Wouldn’t you rather be with loved ones, going to the school, or working on another business venture with the extra time?

Why are your services priced so high?

You can find other assistants for cheaper but they won't be very thorough. How can someone answer all those emails and screen your clients and reserve your engagements for such a low amount? It's very time consuming and requires someone who possesses a good work ethic and the ability to multi-task.  When you bring home thousands of dollars in a week, my small fee will seem insignificant.


Do you provide references from your other clients?

Yes, I do!  Just let me know and I can get you in contact with them.